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ThatIP Dynamic DNS

Keep your computer available.

Always, anywhere.

The ThatIP dynamic DNS service gives your computer a friendly name on the Internet. You can register and have it point straight to your machine, or you can use a name like Your unique hostname will point to your system whenever it is connected to the Internet, no matter how often your dynamic IP address changes. Sign up for your own static hostname or learn more about our dynamic DNS service.

If you receive Internet service from a dialup, cable, or DSL provider, it is likely that you have a dynamic IP address that changes fairly frequently. This can be a problem if you would like other people to be able to reach your computer. For example, if you run a web server on your own computer you would have to tell people your dynamic IP address every time it changes so they could type it into their web browser. With a static hostname from ThatIP's dynamic DNS service you can instead give people an easy-to-remember name that always stays updated.

  • Use your own domain name (e.g.,, or use a domain under (e.g.,
  • Use our software to keep your dynamic dns host name updated with your latest dynamic IP information

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